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Journal Articles

  • Roth S., Clark C., Trofimov N., Mkrtchyan A., Heidingsfelder M., Appignanesi L., Pérez-Valls M., Berkel J., and Kaivo-oja J. (in press) Futures of a distributed memory. A global brain wave measurement (1800-2000), Technological Forecasting and Social Change, DOI: 10.1016/j.techfore.2017.02.031 [SSCI 2.678, FNEGE-CNRS***, ABS***, VHB***].
  • Kaivo-oja J., Kuusi O., Ahlqvist T., Linturi R., and Roth S. (in press) New industrial platforms and radical technology foresight: The case of 3-D printing in Finland and Europe, International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management [FNEGE-CNRS**].
  • Roth S. (in press), The cash is in the medium, not in the machine: Toward the golden moments of 3D printing, International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management [FNEGE-CNRS**].
  • Roth S. (in press), Marginal economy. Growth strategies for post-growth societies, Journal of Economic Issues [SSCI .465, CNRS**, ABS**, Handelsblatt]. Accepted manuscript available for download here.
  • Roth S., Melkonyan A., Kaivo-oja J., Manke B. and Dana L.-P. (in press), Interfunctional business models. Map to an uncharted quadrant of the blue ocean, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing [VHB***]. Accepted manuscript available for download here.
  • Roth S., Sales A., and Kaivo-oja J. (2017), Multiplying the division of labor: functional differentiation of the next key variables in management research, Systems Research and Behavioral Science, Vol. 34 No. 2, pp. 195-208 [SSCI .991, ABS**].
  • Kaivo-oja J., Roth S., and Westerlund L. (2017) Futures of robotics. Human work in digital transformation, International Journal of Technology Management, Vol. 73 No. 4, pp. 176-205 [SCI .867, SSCI .365, FNEGE-CNRS**, ABS**, VHB**].
  • Roth S. (2017), From added values to augmented realities: introducing the special issue of management and functional differentiation, Systems Research and Behavioral Science, Vol. 34 No. 2, pp. 131-138 [SSCI .991, ABS**].
  • Roth S. (2017), Serious gamification. On the redesign of a popular paradox, Games and Culture, Vol. 12 No. 1, pp. 100-111 [SSCI .490].
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Edited Books and Journal Issues

  • Roth S. (2017), Management and functional differentiation, Special issue of Systems Research and Behavioral Science, publication scheduled for March-April 2017  [ABS**, SSCI .991].
  • Roth S. (2015), Trends in functional differentiation, Special Issue of Cybernetics and Human Knowing, Vol. 22 No. 4, pp. 5-10. Foreword available for download here.
  • Roth S., Schneckenberg D. and Tsai C. W. (2015), The gamification of innovation, Special Section of Creativity and Innovation Management, Vol. 24 No. 2 [FNEGE-CNRS**, ABS**, SSCI 1.016].
  • Roth S. (2014), Entrepreneurship and piracy, Special Issue of the International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Vol. 22 No. 4 [FNEGE-CNRS*, VHB **].
  • Roth S. (2012), The multimedia organization, Special Issue of Tamara: Journal for Critical Organization Inquiry, Vol. 10 No. 3  [ABS*].
  • Scheiber L., Roth S. and Reichel A. (2011), The technology of innovation, Special Issue of the International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development, Vol. 5 No. 2-3 [VHB**].
  • Roth S., Wetzel R. and Müller K. (2011), Non-technological and non-economic dimensions of innovation systems, Special Issue of the International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development, Vol. 3, No. 1.
  • Müller K., Roth S. and Žák M. (2010), The social dimension of innovation, Prague, Linde.
  • Roth S., Scheiber L. and Wetzel R. (2010), Organisation multimedial. Zum polyphonen Programm der nächsten Organisation, Heidelberg, Carl Auer.
  • Roth S. (2009) Non-technological and non-economic innovations: Contributions to a theory of robust innovation, Bern, Peter Lang (second improved edition published by AVM in 2015).


  • Roth S. (2013) The multimedia organization. Functional differentiations on organizational identity. Geneva, University of Geneva.
  • Roth S. (2010) Markt ist nicht gleich Wirtschaft. These zur Begründung einer allgemeinen Marktsoziologie. Heidelberg, Carl Auer Verlag.

Book Chapters

Reviews, Conference Reports, Proceedings


  • Interview: Could innovation be the future of economic growth in the V4 region?, published in W. Przbylski, V. Dostal, P. Janebova, T. Strazay, and Z- Vegh (2016) V4 – 25 years. The continuing story of the Visegrad Group, Warsaw, Fundacja Res Publica, 88-89.
  • Short interview on piracy and entrepreneurship education by The Globe and Mail, 05.11.2014 (online|PDF).
  • Short TV interview on crowdsourcing broadcasted by Radio Télévision Suisse, 14.05.2012 and 07.06.2012, and by TV5MONDE, 17.06.2012.